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March 22, 2020

Dear Next Stage Communications Supporter – Fan – Client

The past few weeks have been among the craziest times I’ve witnessed in my 60+ years on planet Earth. Just when you think things couldn’t get any crazier, a whole new level of craziness appears right before your eyes.

We thought we had a plan for our coaching and speakers enrichment academy programs which would seemingly provide the continued training that our clients have come to expect and appreciate from us while at the same time complying with some liberal/flexible interpretations of the business restrictions recently put in place by our Governor.

After reviewing Governor Sisolak’s updated and clarified orders for closures of non-essential businesses, it became overwhelmingly apparent that he’s not messing around. He doesn’t want to deal with businesses who are trying to play games with liberal interpretations of the rules. He’s serious about Nevadans doing their part to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

At Next Stage Communications, we want to support and honor the commitments we have made to our clients and students, but we have a bigger commitment to the health and safety of our families, neighbors and community members. Therefore we must comply with the Nevada Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Initiative announced by Governor Sisolak a few days ago.

Here’s what that means to our subscribers and clients: Our regularly scheduled in-person classes, meetings, networking sessions, masterminds, coaching sessions and other “in-person, live” events will be converted to virtual, “on-line” (Zoom) events until the in-person meeting restrictions have been lifted.

We will send email announcements, Messenger announcements and we will post details on Meetup, Eventbrite and The Next Stage Facebook group page so you will know how to access each event via Zoom.

We trust you know how to access and utilize Zoom as it’s a commonly utilized on-line communication tool that’s been used as an alternative to many other group meetings lately. If you need assistance installing or initiating Zoom on your device, please contact us at least 2 hours prior to a scheduled Zoom event and we’ll help you with your questions.

One of the commitments we make to our clients is that we intend to provide value every time we show up and put on a training or event. We want to take that even further and we want to over deliver. We want to provide more value than you believed you would get when you signed up for your particular level of training or programming.

We are working diligently to create new training materials for aspiring and emerging speakers which will help you become more qualified, confident and prepared to take the stage, either virtually or live, in-person when this health crisis concludes and business returns to a new normal.  

These training materials have been on the drawing board for several months and now, more than ever, we’re committed to bringing them to completion and making them available to the world of aspiring and emerging speakers. The programs are designed to be offered from $19 to $997, and delivered in an on-line, digital format and in some cases supplemented with live, in-person workshop programming.

Our intention is to make these training programs available to you as a value added benefit of your membership in our Enrichment Academy and/or training or coaching programs. As long as we are under the “No Live Events” edict from the Governor, we will provide these training programs regularly without any additional charge. Once you’ve been provided access to a program, you’ll have lifetime access. Nothing to pay, ever. Our way of saying “Thanks for being a valued Next Stage Communications client and thanks for sticking with us through the inconvenience of this COVID-19 business interruption issue.”

These training programs are in addition to our regularly scheduled ZOOM events, including the Monday evening Open Mic Speakers Club events, the 2nd Friday of the month StoryTeller Studio, the third Tuesday of the Month Speakers Networking Event, the fourth Wednesday Speakers Mastermind event, and any other special events we may offer from time to time.

We want to make sure you don’t worry about getting ready to speak…but you STAY ready to speak!

More information will be forthcoming in the next day or two, but we wanted you to know what we are planning in light of the more restrictive measures placed on us in the last couple of days.

Please be ready to share your message of 5 to 7 minutes with us via ZOOM at Speakers Club Open Mic on Monday evening (if you’re a participant in that program). We’ll send a ZOOM link soon for you to log in for that event.

Got questions? Please email me at, or phone/text me at 702-883-1980. You could also email George Gilbert at or phone/text him at 702-682-8431

Thanks for your understanding and your continued support in these trying times!


Al Jensen & George Gilbert

Next Stage Communications

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