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I’m Al Jensen. After speaking and performing in front of literally thousands of audiences, I made the decision to start Next Stage Communications in 2016 after . . . well, I think I tell the story better in the video. Check it out and learn how I got to the place of working to help aspiring speakers become more effective speakers, storytellers and presenters. Thanks for visiting and check out the free offer right below this video!

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Nervous about giving a speech? Telling a story? Delivering a presentation? Grab this report and learn the secrets to avoiding the three most common mistakes speakers make. You’ll be speaking like a RockStar in no time! Best wishes in your public speaking endeavors!

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Public Speaking With More Than Your Voice

Public Speaking With More Than Your Voice

One of the first things that we need to work on when it comes to public speaking is to figure out the right way to get the message across. While there will be some variations in how you do this based on the audience and the topic that you need to discuss, there are...

Say No To Busy Work

Say No To Busy Work

Busy work is a thief that steals your productivity without your knowledge. You get to the end of your day and you haven’t made any real progress on your goals. Maybe you re-organized your desk or updated your blog. But you haven’t done anything to will truly help you...

5 Common Fears and How to Overcome Them

5 Common Fears and How to Overcome Them

At some point or another, every entrepreneur has wondered if they are on the right track and if the business they are pouring their time, money, and energy into is actually going to work out how they hope. But the reality is that these fears and doubts are just part...

Top 10 Public Speaking Tips

Top 10 Public Speaking Tips

Most potential public speakers would opt for oral surgery over the prospect of giving a presentation. However, public speaking becomes a part of everyone’s life sooner or later. Good public speaking skills are highly valued in our society. They can help you to gain...

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Speaker Enrichment Academy

The purpose of the Speaker Enrichment Academy, formerly known as the Las Vegas Public Speakers Club, is to create a community where you can sharpen your speaking skills, grow your biz and make some great connections and partnerships.


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Not only can a book give you and your business credibility, publishing a book can help position you as the expert to launch your coaching and consulting business. Creating more income and boosting your business as the authority in your field.

Next Stage Communications

Al Jensen

Our team is here to assist you with all the communication challenges and provide you with the tools to be a successful speaker.

Partners Al Jensen and George Gilbert will help transform you into master communicators. They can make you a better speaker, published author and/or media host/guest.

Kimberly Faith will help you with accent reduction and vocal training.

The Next Stage Communications team is ready to make you a master communicator.

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