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Humor Lab

Funny Just Got Easier (TM) provides you with a system to identify the humor that’s already inside you, or when desired, to manufacture “funny” and allow you to insert organic, personalized humor into any speech, presentation or conversation.

Let us share what we know about digging up the humor which lies in everyone. What we’ve studied and learned through years of trial and error.

Imagine your next speech, presentation or conversation. Imagine getting chuckles. Then imagine getting laughs. Then imagine having to take a breath and wait for the laughter to die down before you continue with your words. How cool would that be?

Your Coaches

Al Jensen & George Gilbert

Al Jensen and George Gilbert have been in the been making audiences laugh for decades. They bring their knowledge of how to write humor and simplify it so you can add humor to your presentations to keep your audiences engaged and entertained to get your point across.