Weekly Guide to Kicking Your
Speaking & Entrepreneurial Success to
the Next Stage

At the Next Stage, we’re all about working with you to elevate your message, story or presentation to the next stage. Rehearsal opportunities and coaching opportunities each week for those who are SERIOUS about being a better communicator, storyteller, presenter and/or entrepreneur. Here’s Your Weekly Opportunities to Elevate Your Speaking & Business Skills to the Next Stage.

Open Mic Public Speakers Club 

Not part of our Next Stage Speaker Enrichment Academy yet? No worries! We’re thrilled to offer you a “Complimentary Access” pass. Attend up to 3 of our events at no cost and experience firsthand how we can refine your message and amplify your voice. It’s all about practice, polish, and professional guidance! Have a request for a training session topic, or some news you’d like to share? Just click the link below for whichever sessions you would like to attend and let’s get practising! I’m looking forward to seeing YOU on the Next Stage!

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