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The Ultimate Speaker Enrichment Academy

  • Need a stage to work on your message? 
  • Interested in some laser focused speaker coaching without having to make a huge time or financial commitment? 
  • Want a safe environment to develop and practice your story? 
  • Want to network and collaborate with other speakers and speaker bookers who can introduce you to their booking contacts? 
  • Want details on over 100 speaking opportunities across the US each month? 
  • How cool would it be to be part of a speakers mastermind group where you have access to some of the best speaking and business development advisors on the planet?

The Ultimate Speaker Enrichment Academy


4 “Open Mic” speaking opportunities each month. Attend one, attend two, three or all four Speakers Club events where you’ll have an opportunity to speak for 5 to 7 minutes in a casual and very safe environment, and then receive positive feedback from members of the live audience. Economical Laser Speaker Coaching is available for a nominal extra charge.


Everything in the Silver Level, PLUS StoryTeller Studio where you’ll get 60 minutes of professional workshop instruction on how to apply a professional story arc to your story AND an opportunity to deliver your story to a live audience and get positive feedback.


Everything in the Gold Level, PLUS membership in the Las Vegas Speakers Network where one evening per month, you’ll mingle with other emerging speakers and speaker bookers from the Las Vegas area, sharing your ideas and opportunities and collaborating with others to find stages to deliver your message. BONUS: The morning following the Networking event, you’ll receive a listing of more than 100 speaking opportunities from across the US. Web sites and specific information on upcoming speaking opportunities.


Everything in the Platinum Level PLUS membership in the Ultimate Speaker Mastermind Group where we’ll meet in a small group (maximum of 12) and discuss issues critical to your success. You’ll have access to 2 world class speaking and business development advisors as well as the brain trust of the entire group to help you navigate your speaking business development journey.

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