Build Your Bio – Prerequisite to Speaking on Stage – Event Planners Demand It!




“We’d love to consider you for a speaking spot at our upcoming conference. Please send me a headshot, program description and a 100-word bio. Can you get that to me by 5 PM?”

Can you just feel the terror shooting through your psyche? I’ve got a great message, but what the hell do I put on my bio? How can I say it in 100 words? 200 words. Even 1000 words? AARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Are you ready to finally craft an awesome bio for those speaking event programs and event coordinators? Not only do you need a bio once you’ve been booked, but a great bio can help you land the gig in the first place!

This event is going to be a workshop. That means we’re all going to WORK on our bios. You will leave not only with a completed bio but with a template you can use to continually update and create new bios as you venture into new markets or want to promote different experiences for different audiences and different event bookers.

It’s going to be a WORKSHOP. We’ll be going step by step through the template, discussing the various components of a killer bio, and you’ll be creating the bones of your bio as we go.

If you don’t have a finished bio by the end of the hour, it’ll be your own fault. We’re going to make it “fool-proof”.

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