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Jump start your signature talk to leverage your marketing efforts 25X – 100X or more!

Ready to leverage your marketing efforts by crafting, polishing and delivering your signature talk?

Ready to maximize your efficiency through the magic of group presentations?

Are you prepared for the increased demand for your products or services?

If you’re ready to stop wishing and start taking action, we’re ready to help jump start your signature talk!

Exclusively for participants in the Systems Summit, we’re offering a 2 week membership in our Signature Talk Jump Start Program where you’ll develop the first component of your signature talk.

First, you’ll have access to our on-line video based training program “Develop Your Signature Talk” where you’ll learn the details of how to start developing your personal signature talk.

Next, you’ll have an opportunity to rehearse the first component of your talk in front of a sympathetic, live audience in a virtual setting, not once, not twice, but as many as four times over two weeks.

You’ll experience the Office Hours RockStar Signature Talk Coaching program TWO TIMES over two weeks to get personalized coaching on your signature talk.

You’ll have two opportunities to share a promotional message featuring your signature talk topic in front of a live audience in a virtual setting, and get video footage of that message that you can convert into a promo video for your website, social media, or anywhere you connect with your prospects and customers.

This Signature Talk Jump Start is valued at over $200 and is yours FREE for being a valued participant in the Systems Summit.

To claim your gift, please visit https://NextStageCommunications.com/Signature-Talk-Jump-Start and use the code Systems Summit. Details relating to the offer are available on the page as well.

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