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Next Stage Communications offers a variety of courses and workshops to help the indivual and companies improve their public communications skills both live and online

Business Development Track

Do you want to become a professional speaker, promote your business through public speaking and take your speaking to the next stage. We can teach you how to become an effective presenter from the platform. 

13 Sessions

Vocal Coaching/Training

Do you want to improve your enunciation? Do you want to learn to project so the audience can hear you speak? Next Stage Communications will teach you how to take command of your voice to be heard.

Instant Replay - Speech Coaching

Next Stage Communications will video tape you presenting your speech and for the next 90 minutes will Breakdown the most important areas for improvement to help you improve your public speaking skills

60/90 minutes

Individual Professional Speaking Track

Do you want to become a professional speaker but don’t know where to start? Next Stage Communications Can give you the tools to market and sell yourself as a professional speaker. We will show you how to go from free to fee.

13 Sessions

Story Teller Studio

Storytelling is THE method to convey your message to the world.If you’re an entrepreneur wanting the world to know about your WHY and how you can change the world, storytelling is critical. 

2nd Friday of the month

Before the Stage

There is a lot more to delivering a world-changing message than a good story and a nice suit of clothes. You’ve got to know what to do before taking the stage. To make a great impression…and be in a position to move your audience to action, takes a lot of preparation beyond your message. We will help you with proven strategies

Hot Seat - Speaker Evaluation

Next Stage Communications will Evaluate your public speaking skills. You will learn to deliver a more effective presentation. We will point out your most crucial mistakes to correct to be a better speaker.

60/90 minutes

Master Your Business Spotlight Presentation

In 10 minutes you need to hook your audience with an attention-grabbing opening, share your “why” story, help the audience understand the pain of not working with you and offer a compelling reason to invite you to continue the marketing conversation with a one-on-one appointment.

  • Learn the mistakes that most presenters make and how to avoid them.

  • Learn the value of your “why” story.

  • Learn to “poke the bruise” of your listeners and most importantly,

  • Learn how to convey the importance of inviting you to continue the sales conversation with a one-on-one followup appointment.

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