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PowerPoint For Virtual Presenters

The basics – what you need to know. How to develop a PowerPoint presentation to support your virtual presentation. This is an educational program for beginner PowerPoint presenters. We’ll cover how to create your slides, the critical rules to follow to give you the best chance to grab and maintain the virtual audience attention. We’ll also cover presentation techniques.

The Most Important Lesson

A discussion of the #1 reason speakers do not connect with their audiences to the degree they desire. The reason speakers can not move them to action. The reason speakers are not accomplishing what they intend to accomplish when they take the stage. Issues every emerging speaker must keep in mind as they build their signature message and how to incorporate this component into their speeches.

Create Your Speaker One Sheet

In addition to learning the importance and value of a Speaker One Sheet, you’ll get a complimentary template (and links to a couple others) so you can complete your own Speaker One Sheet along with those in the class. 

Write Your First Book

Gain credibility and visibility, get booked to speak and create a revenue stream. There are so many benefits to becoming a published author. You’ll learn how to organize your thoughts, overcome overwhelm and complete your manuscript in 90 days or less. If you’re serious about becoming a professional speaker, you’ve got to be serious about becoming a published author.

Build Your Speaker Bio

A workshop to provide you the tools you’ll need to craft a bio that will put you on the top of the list when meeting planners seek a speaker for their next event. Bios serve a unique purpose and having a great bio, or rather a set of bios, ready to go can mean the difference between chaos and calm when your next opportunity comes. If you want to be a professional speaker, you’ve got to have a professional bio. This workshop provides you with the understanding and tools to craft your awesome speakers bio(s).

Storytelling – Why It’s Important

Storytelling in marketing. What’s important? Where to start? What are the key elements every story should include? How does story connect with listeners? You’ll enjoy this primer on the why and how to get started telling stories in your business messages.

Resources for Today’s Aspiring Speaker

What technology tools are a must have and what are simply toys that can be put on a “wish list” for later? This program will help you understand what you really need, and what to steer clear of as you build your speaking business. Which brands are worth the $ and which ones will drain your bank account. This training program will save you 10X the cost of admission alone!

Summer Speaker School – Class 101

How to make the biggest and best impression every time you take the stage. The seven “Must Have” elements to be considered for a speaking engagement. Before taking the stage. Mistakes to avoid if you want to be invited back. The secret to springboard your success to speaking on stages.

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