Speaker Enrichment Academy Gold 3 Month Membership

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Congratulations on taking the most important step in your speaking career – making the commitment to learn how to book yourself to speak to a live audience! What if we made it EVEN EASIER and FASTER for you to reach your speaking goals? What if we gave you a venue to work on your message? A safe place to rehearse your speech? An opportunity to sharpen your skills every week, speaking in front of a live audience?

Speakers are verbal processors. We need to speak out loud. We need people to watch us and listen to us. Since 2017, we’ve operated a program for aspiring and emerging speakers giving them an opportunity to practice their message (5 to 7 minutes) in front of real people EVERY SINGLE WEEK. If you wanted to become a great tennis player, you wouldn’t practice tennis once a month, would you? A great golfer wouldn’t practice his golf game once a month either? You’ve got to practice your craft, in as close to real game conditions, as often as you can. We offer that opportunity EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

The Speakers Enrichment Academy provides you the opportunity to join us via zoom each Monday evening at 6 PM Pacific time and deliver your message of up to 7 minutes in an event we call “Open Mic Night at Public Speakers Club”. At the conclusion of your message, if you desire, we’ll offer other participants an opportunity to share their positive feedback on your presentation. A video replay of the entire program will be made available for your review the following day!

We’ll also add in a membership to StoryTeller Studio which occurs on the 3rd Friday of each month at 6 PM Pacific time. The first hour is a live workshop on one detailed aspect of storytelling for speakers, followed by an Open Mic opportunity for all present. Everyone gets an opportunity to share their story for up to 7 minutes and receive feedback from the audience members present (just like the Open Mic at Public Speakers Club).


Membership in the Speakers Enrichment Academy including both the Open Mic Night Public Speakers Club and StoryTellers Studio is $57 per month, or $171 for 3 months. As a special offer for those who are anxious to get their signature story all polished up and ready to deliver in anticipation to deliver for their newly scheduled bookings, we’re offering you an opportunity to grab a 3 month membership in the Open Mic and StoryTeller Studio level of the Speakers Enrichment Academy for the insanely low price of only $57. That’s right! Three months for the price of 1! You’ll have 3 hours of Storytelling workshop and 15 opportunities to practice your story or message in front of a live audience for only $57! That’s less than 4 bucks per opportunity!

This price is only good right now, before you check out. You can sign up later if you want, but it’ll be at the regular price of $171. It’ll still be a good value, but it won’t be at the insanely low price of only $57 for 3 months membership. Grab this deal now!

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