When you think about all the little things that have happened that dramatically changed your course in life, those small things start to have big meanings. Stories are a great way of showcasing how small parts of life can have significant impact.

This is the case in all parts of life. While major events obviously have significant impact, so do many minor ones. This can be true in cases of friendships and relationships being formed, as well as a variety of career and business decisions.

One small chance interaction can change your entire career path to something totally different, and that same small chance can also lead to a lifelong relationship being formed with someone.

Telling stories about this and explaining how each part of a seemingly minor event lead to something else that became a huge deal over time can help to motivate audiences to make the most out of those little moments.

Often times people in your audience can get overwhelmed thinking that they need to have some massive thing happen in their lives in order to change it for the better, but in fact, small random events can have the same impact, if not greater.

Storytelling is often crucial for explaining this concept properly. For example, if you bumped into someone in an elevator and ended up talking to them and were able to get a job interview out of it, that’s something that you’d want to elaborate on.

You’d want to talk about the fine details, perhaps what kinds of things the two of you talked about and how the topic of the job arose in conversation. By explaining in greater detail and painting that picture, you can show how much you can do with these events.

Even if it’s not about a particular event, you can use this same train of logic to explain how acting a certain way or doing something small can have large impacts on people’s lives. Storytelling helps bind everything together to make it a cohesive story.

The benefit of doing this is that audiences will feel inspired and hopeful, hearing how something seemingly minor can have such long-reaching benefits. If you’re able to make your story particularly positive, that’s even better.

Help your audiences to make the most out of any situation. Not everything in life comes through difficulty alone, but they do need to learn how to take advantage of moments like that when they present themselves.

Mere mortals hire Al Jensen to help them develop their client connection story, their virtual sales and marketing presentation and their confidence, because most know their subject but don’t know how to package and present it with confidence, either on-line or in person, in order to convert prospects into customers.

He puts his 40+ years of storytelling and presentation development experience to work, establishing and fostering stories that will connect with and move his clients audiences.

Working with entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches and authors to develop their presentations for both the virtual world and the live stage, they become confident, capable and convincing presenters.

Bottom Line: he transforms mere mortals into confident, capable virtual StorySelling RockStars.

Reach out to Al if you’d like some assistance in identifying, crafting or delivering your unique story. Al@NextStageCommunications.com

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