When you’ve been a guest on someone’s podcast, you may think all you have to do is to show up on time and give a great interview. But that’s only part of your responsibility – you also need to spend time promoting your podcast appearance once it’s live. You can’t expect your host to do all of the publicity herself.

The good thing about appearing on a podcast is that you can promote it again and again for years to come. Regardless of whether you were featured on a recent episode or an older one, you can expect to reap these benefits when you share your podcast spot with your community. 

Build Your Brand

One of the biggest reasons you should promote your appearance is because it builds your brand awareness. The more people that hear about you and your business, the more potential customers you’re reaching. Some of these potential customers will go on to read your blog, sign up to your mailing list, and buy your products or services.

Most podcast content is evergreen so it’s acceptable to post about it on social media and forums months or even years later. The important thing is to make sure you’re sharing your podcast appearance in a relevant way. If you’re on a forum where blog monetization is the topic, don’t direct visitors to your podcasting episode that’s about gardening. This makes you look insensitive at best and spammy at worst.

Instead, look for a forum or social media group where users are asking questions that can be answered if they listen to your podcast. Then provide a brief answer to their question and link to your podcast episode for a more in-depth answer.

Generate More Traffic

Many solopreneurs and small business owners have websites and blogs that languish in obscurity. This is bad for your business because it means that potential customers are going to have a harder time finding you.

But the good news is that being featured on a popular podcast can generate a lot of traffic to your website and blog. It also gives potential customers social proof that you run a trustworthy business and will provide excellent service.

Attract Traditional Media Attention

When reporters and show producers need an expert to interview, the first place they usually turn is the internet. If a reporter or producer finds your website, they’ll be looking to see if you’ve ever been featured in other media forms, too.

The reporter or producer may listen to your podcast for proof that you know your subject well and that you can provide pithy sound bites. Once the reporter or producer feels you’d be a good fit for her show, she’ll reach out to you.

You don’t have to be a marketing wizard to reap these benefits and more from your podcast interview. Focus on sharing your episode several times a month through different platforms and watch your reach and subscriber list grow.

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